Notes from Dr. Stewart

cropped-Life-Mega-Ministry-3-Logo-b.pngAnd out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treaded the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.   Revelation 19:15 (KJV)

TOPIC:   Effective Teaching/Presentation (How to Study, Prepare and Present a lesson)

Purpose: Studying, planning, organizing and presenting a lesson or theme in order to enhance understandability from your audience.

Determine: Methods and tools used to accomplish a well outlined lesson.

Enhancing: Tips on how to effectively present a lesson so that the audience will retain the information. Making learning exciting.

ALERT_ Food for Thought: {The Composer} (Orchestrate / Orchestrating), administering the ministry wherein you are called or have a strong passion for must be clearly define to get the maximum efficiency, as you strive for perfection. We are looking to produce a desired effect in our lives and those we come in contact with. Understanding your ministry field—is it a building or your circle of influence? -Your motive must not be about popularity. (See 2 Cor. 4:1-2) Consider the lesson from Mark 6:45-48:

  • Are your own efforts working for you?
  • If not, what is the solution?

As I consider the “theme” and “topic” we are covering today it is highly important that the two are harmonious in agreement. There are two key points to consider in bring them together:

1)  Your Ingenuity and Ambition:

  • Your drive, must be God driven…Christ Centered. (2 Cor. 5:9-10)
  • We conclude this to be the core of the Christian conscience in serving God. (The right motive.)
  • This will determine how you will approach your assignment.
  • You must be a student of the scriptures. (See Acts 17:11.)

2)  Selecting the right scriptures:

  • The scripture already presented in the theme should always be forthcoming, it denotes “studying” and “the word of truth”. 2 Tim 2:15. The purpose in studying is to enable yourself to “present” and “be approved”. Teaching and preaching demands work and discipline.
  • The topic likewise deal with studying, preparing and presenting effectively.

INTRODUCTION: (Remember everything begins with God; prayer, praise, worship)

I.      Effective Teaching and Preparation (Prepare in advance. Carry your scripture and subject matter around with you in your MIND & HEART days prior to your delivery. )

A.    How to Study 1)  By book 2)  By subject 3)  Lesson plans already provided

B.    How to prepare your lesson 1)   Determine your subject matter. 2)   Brain storm the subject matter to collect ideals. 3)   If it is a special event you are preparing for does it have a specific layout, “theme” or how will your subject matter fit into the theme. 4)   Narrow your ideals down as you search for the right scriptures to bring out your primary thoughts. 5)   Determine the key text and identify other scriptures that will coincide with the key text. 6)   Did you cover the pertinent information that is conducive to the topic?

II.    Effective Presentation    

A.   How to present your lesson 1)   Visual aid a.   PowerPoint b.   Charts & Diagrams 2)   Outline 3)   Student handouts  

B.   Your approach & delivery

1)   Avoid Distractions a.   Excessive material b.   Excessive makeup c.   Excessive jewelry d.   Excessive story telling (Jokes) (bring substance-doctrine of salvation)

2)   Present a clear and precise message a.   Introduce the topic and main thoughts. b.   Stay with the subject matter. c.   Identify what effectively works for you to get started and moving forward. i.   Personal testimony ii.   A certain event you know your audience can relate too iii.   Songs, prayer, opening with scriptural reading, etc. d.   You have prepared (contented) your lesson in such a way that you are building unto it as you go and presenting ear catching context for the hearers to grab onto.

3)   The Message

a.   Regardless of subject and theme, no message is complete if Jesus is not the Chief Cornerstone

b.   Add knowledge (what do you have to declare? Facts.), virtue (get the edge, advantage, quality) and insight (vision, intuition, understanding) c.   Engage your audience (Extract taken from the Mega Pastor book, Stewart 2010.)

i.   Questions – Where is your place in Christ’s Church as a leader and student of the gospel? (The Mega Pastor, Stewart, p.24)

ii.   Situations(An open statement that can move in many directions) Christian institutions play a large role in prevention of many would be deadly consequences but because of many laws and regulations the church is limited, never reaching its full potential in communities. The government and leading officials have already begun its decent into the churches to tell pastors what they cannot preach or say. (The Mega Pastor, Stewart P.163)

iii.   Objectively – Now if God is a Spirit, how can mortal man walk with Him and what truth do we have to clearly indicate God is pleased? The Bible declared no man has seen God at any time and lived. (The Mega Pastor, Stewart, p.27)