Conference Breakout (Saturday) 06/14


Saturday 8:00 AM

  • Welcome – by Rev. Crabtree
  • Worship – in songs and hymns with Leslie Wagner
  • Prayer – by Rev. Floyd Dugger

–  Overview and expectations

–  Announcements

 Opening Session         Dr. Stewart

  • The Family Responding to God leads us to the proper alignment for Jesus!
  • Cultural problems exist today because the family structure has been assaulted.
  • The question is this, “will you maintain your integrity”? Job 2:3, 9
  • The Family is an institutional structure of oneness.
  • How might the family as a unit respond to God?
  • How might the family individually and as a unit respond to each other?


*3a/4a Breakout Sessions –Responding to God by Prayer, Preparation and by Oneness

(8:45-9:45 AM & 10:15-11:30 AM)

Ref: Phil. 4:1-7, Heb. 12:14-17, 22-29, Daniel 1:8, Acts 2:42-44
Your Integrity!

For the Believer and\or Minister to have God’s approval he must respond out of a pure heart, even as Daniel responded to the situation of captivity with a purpose to stay true to God. Prayer is the most basic tool one can ask far but the most powerful tool we can use in responding to God.

GROUP LEADER: Minister Maurice Jackson

ATTENDANTS:     ______________________

DSC_0294Discuss responding to God from the following topics. What is the question to be considered from each passage of scriptures?

By prayer, Phil. 4:1-7                              By Obedience, Heb. 12:14-17, 22-29

By Preparation, Daniel 1:8                    By Oneness, Acts 2:42-44

*3b /4b Breakout Session –Responding to God; Practicality & in Perseverance

(8:45-9:45 AM & 10:15-11:30 AM)

 Ref: James 1:3-4

GROUP LEADER: Pastor Debra Hanna

ATTENDANTS:     ______________________



DSC_0299Faith is the cornerstone in each Christian’s daily walk with Jesus Christ. We are going to explore when our faith is challenged and how we can persevere through our tests and temptations.

Your Integrity!

  •  Discuss responding to God practically (addicting) and in perseverance.
  • Responding to God practically and in perseverance requires a genuine faith in Jesus Christ.

Ref. Romans 6:12-14; 2 Cor. 4:16-18

God became very displeased with the Solemn Feast of worthless sacrifices, new moons, and Sabbaths. The tabernacle of God was filled with sin and corruption while they pretended to be holy. Therefore God’s indignation was against the King and the Priest. God took away His tabernacle from them and they would go into captivity. God’s love for His people was to be inseparable. “The Lord hath cast off his altar, he hath abhorred his sanctuary, he hath given up into the hand of the enemy the walls of her palaces; they have made a noise in the house of the LORD, as in the day of a solemn feast”Lamentations 2:7 (KJV).
*3c & 4c Breakout Session –Responding to God as a Family in both Good & Hard Times

(8:45-9:45 AM & 10:15-11:30 AM)

Ref: Romans 8:28, 35-39

GROUP LEADER:   Minster Wanda Jones

ATTENDANTS:     ______________________

Your Integrity!

The unforeseen can always be difficult to deal with. What will be your move to come together with the family and fellow congregants?

DSC_0298Esther 4:4-5; Esther wanted to know what and why. Mordecai response is life and      death. What is Mordecai primary role in ministry? Luke 15:20-32; what did the prodigal son do, his brother, his father?

When the unthinkable shatters the family (something no one expected) what do you do…blame God, blame others, go into a regressive state and fade away and/or dismiss everything in unbelief? What do you do?


 *3d / 4d Breakout Session -Ministers – Perfecting the Gift

(8:45-9:45 AM & 10:15-11:30 AM)

 Ref: 1Timothy 1:5-9

To perfect the gift of God you must first know and understand the gift that is within you. Knowing and understanding is essential to perfecting your gift.

GROUP LEADER: Pastor Dave Resinger

ATTENDANTS:     ______________________

Evangelizing The Power!

We are looking for ministers, deacons and those interested in ministry in this session, their wives and husbands may also join us.

Note to Participants:

The 3rd breakout sessions from 8:45-9:45 AM have four subject areas between rooms 353, 355, 357 and the Main Commons Room.

The 4th breakout session (4a, 4b, 4c, 4d) continues with the same four (4) topics introduced in the first (3a, 3b, 3c, 3d) breakout session. You can simply rotate to a different topic you are interested in attending.

There will only be two rotations so choose the two you are most interested in!

Here they are again:

Responding to God – by Prayer, Preparation & Oneness

Minister Maurice Jackson

Responding to God – by Practicality and in Perseverance

Pastor Debra Hanna

Responding to God – As Family in Both Good and Hard Times

Minister Wanda Jones

Ministers – Perfecting the Gift (Main Floor Commons)

Pastor Dave Resinger

 **5a Breakout Session –Cultural Problems that Affect the Family & Ministry – What Must be done?

1:00 – 2:00 PM

Ref: Deut. 4:9

GROUP LEADER:   Rev. Floyd Dugger

ATTENDANTS:     ______________________


As a people, we are healthier, but not happier. We are drenched in knowledge, but parched for wisdom. The most prosperous nation the world has ever known suffers from a sickness in its soul.

The Family Institution

Single parenting, Divorce, Gambling, Adult entertainment

Ref. Luke 18:9-17; Mark 10:4-16; Ps. 37:3-8

  1. Do any of these things have an effect on the family and ministry?
  2. Do any of these things have an impact on children?
  3. It was the norm for the Pharisee to entreat himself but was it justified?
  4. The disciples also wanted to neglect the family and ministry but what was Jesus answer to them?
  5. There are numerous elements that affect the family and ministry and these things will continue to exist among the family and ministry. That does not give justification for not leading a commendable family and ministry. Are these things truly a cultural problem or did it just happen to be so?


**5b Breakout Session –Cultural Problems that affect the Assembly & its Members

1:00 – 2:00 PM

 Ref: Hebrews 3:8-14

(A great deal of the New Testament is devoted to exhorting (strongly urging) and warning Godly believers, regarding entering into the kingdom of heaven. But today, many Pastors and leaders of the church body have ceased warning the people. Why is this?

GROUP LEADER:   Rev. Phillip Appling

ATTENDANTS:     ______________________

DSC_0313Problems arise when the expressed word of God is neglected and rejected!

The Family Institution

Ref. Romans 1:24-32; Matthew 24:32-38

  1. Hidden sins, Same sex Marriage, Adultery, etc.
  2. Leaders and church members have been known to have had adulterous affairs within their congregations. How is this a problem when it happens?
  3. What happens when many are aware of the sinful situation but no one addresses the issues?
  4. Should churches call to a vote whether to install a gay cleric to a pastor’s position? God is love and He wants us to be at peace, after all we are made in God’s image. Is this the right approach to deal with this issue of installing gay clerics?
  5. What should you do?


*5c Breakout Session – What Makes the Family an Institution of Oneness – and the Greatest Institution on Earth outside of the Church?

1:00 – 2:00 PM (Upstairs Room 355)

Ref: Ephesians 5:25-30

The family is the nucleus most basic core of the Church and pertinent unto God. The family ordinance was ordained by God to be one in the same; bone of bone, flesh of flesh, but the greater part is one in the Lord God; worship of worship, prayer of prayer and as servants.

GROUP LEADER: Rev. Curtis Bennett

Rev. Roderick Jackson

ATTENDANTS:     ______________________

The Family Institution

DSC_0315Ref. Genesis 2:21-25; Ephesians 5:28-33; 4:12; I Corinthians 12:27; Genesis 1:28, 9:1, 7

Out of the family a nation is born from which family values, rules, discipline, love, respect, honor, and the likes are shared in the building of that nation.

  •  Discuss what makes the family an institution and what makes it great?
  •  How does the family prosper as an institution before God?

*6th Breakout Session –Family Ministries 2014

Ref: Phil. 2:19, Eph. 5:25, Titus 2:4, Luke 2:49

GROUP LEADER:   Rev’s. Floyd Dugger and Steve Crabtree, Jim & Pam Ludlow, and Joe and Laura Devine

ATTENDANTS ___________________

With today’s mixture of healthy, broken, single parent, blended, separated and divorced families in today’s church, how can we possibly minister to the multiple needs and relationships?

Family Ministries



Part 1 – (30 Min.) Brief Outlines of Each Marriage Ministry

There are basically three (3) ‘marriage conditions’;

  • 10 min. Pre-Marriage (Jim & Pam Ludlow)
  • 10 min. Marriage (Rev. Floyd Dugger)
  • 10 min. Post-Marriage (Rev. Stephen Crabtree)

 (break – 5 – 7 min.)

 Part 2 – (30 Min.) Select Marriage Ministry Table(s) of Your Interest (5-7 min ea)

  • Ministry – Pre-Marital 101(Joe and Laura Devine)
  • Ministry – Pre-Marriage Counseling (Jim & Pam Ludlow)
  • Ministry – Blended Families (Rev. Floyd Dugger)
  • Ministry – Grief Care (Rev. Stephen Crabtree)
  • Ministry – Single Parenting (Rev. Stephen Crabtree)
  • Ministry – Divorce Care (Rev. Stephen Crabtree)
  • Ministry – DC4K – Divorce Care for Kids (Debbie Middaugh\Rev. Stephen Crabtree)


In all ‘marriage conditions’ – some of the contributing factors are;

  • Spiritual condition of the heart(s) involved     – Acceptance & forgiveness
  • Upbringing and family influences                   – Children, step-children, blended children
  • Family personalities                                        – Family relationships
  • Love Languages – the hard-wired factors      – Girl’s brains \ Guy’s brains
  • Parental careers                                             – Varying ages of the children
  • Birth order influence – all families                   – Cultural influences


 Biblical references to family – a few of these references to think about;

  • ‘offending a child’ (Jesus’ words)                   – ‘He and his entire household…’
  • ‘…true Christianity is…’                                  – ‘…fathers, do not provoke…’
  • ‘…sins of the fathers visited upon…’              – ‘…receiving the kingdom of God as a child…’
  • ‘…except ye become as little children…’       – ‘…as for me and my house…’
  • ‘…husbands, love your wives…’                    – ‘…putting away childish things…’
  • ‘…love one another, as I have loved you…’   – ‘…train up a child…’
  • ‘…whosoever loves his father and mother more than Me…is not worthy of Me…’

*Ministries Are Represented at Table(s) & Table Sessions(s)

(Each Table Session – every 10 min (ea.)   Feel free to move around!)

 Ministry – Pre-Marital 101 (Joe and Laure Devine)

Goal: a loving marriage with a better understanding of your spouse’s role. This 8 session small group is a DVD/workbook course with very little homework; sit, watch and discuss.

  • Week 1:    Marital Expectations
  • Week 2:    Communication and Emotional Intimacy
  • Week 3:   Personality Differences
  • Week 4:    Conflict Resolution
  • Week 5:    Spiritual Intimacy 1+1
  • Week 6:    Relating with money Part 1
  • Week 7:    Relating with money Part 2
  • Week 8:    Sexual Intimacy

Ministry – Pre-Marriage Counseling (Jim & Pam Ludlow)

Three programs are available for pre-marital coaching;

1)    Four session pre-marital course (Author: Gary Benton)

2)    Marriage 101, an 8-session class on DVDs (Rosenbergs). Two of the sessions are on money\finances (Dave Ramsey)

3)    Prepare/Enrich: an on-line test that evaluates a couple on 10 areas with 10 accompanying lessons on how to correct the problems

Ministry – Blended Families (Rev. Floyd Dugger)

Rev. Dugger shares Ron Deals seven fundamental steps to blended family success -and provides practical, realistic solutions to the issues you face as a stepfamily. Whether married or soon-to-be-married, you’ll discover how to; –

  1. Solve the everyday puzzles of step parenting and stepchildren relationships –
  2. Communicate effectively with an ex-spouse –
  3. Handle stepfamily finances confidently –
  4. “Cook” your stepfamily slowly rather than expect an instant blend

Web site = resources;

Life group support:

Ministry – Grief Care (Rev. Stephen Crabtree)

  • Grief is a natural human process dealing with traumatic loss. The church can help souls identify this, moving through it with them, or ignore them. What are you doing?
  • Web site = resources

Ministry – Single Parenting (Rev. Stephen Crabtree)

  • There is no tougher job in the world than single parenting. Shouldn’t the church help? Or should the church – as it often does – ignore single parents?
  • Web site = resources

Ministry – Divorce Care (Rev. Stephen Crabtree)

  • Divorced people have been traditionally shunned by the church. If divorced souls can’t come to the church for healing, then where should they go?
  • Web site = resources

Ministry – DC4K – Divorce Care for Kids (Debbie Middaugh\Rev. Stephen Crabtree)

  • The children are the silent and wounded victims of divorce. There IS healing. What did Jesus say about offending a child?
  • Web site = resources      

 4:15 PM – 4:45 PM: Rev. Floyd Dugger

  • “Tale of Two Brains” by Mark Gungor / Video
  • Watch and listen to the hilarious standup about the differences between men’s brain and women’s brain.
  • His full series deals with helping couples deal with tough marriage issues that are fun and non-threatening.