Marriage Communication (Selflessness)

Lets start with a few notes. Marriage Communication “Selflessness” is linked below.

Slide #4 The Help Meet

  • Help meet – A Helper in all things,
  • A helping counter part
  • It takes a lot of effort to do for your spouse when you have other things on your mind, you are tired, just don’t feel like cooking, cleaning, visiting, etc

Slide #5 Defining Selflessness

  • Man by nature has a since of independence.
  • However, Adam could not have fulfilled the commandment of God without the help of the woman. God created a unity in Adam and Eve to fulfill dominion.
  • The family is as the Church it takes the husband and the wife working to have dominion in the family; jobs, children, fixing things, running errands, school, cooking, cleaning, sharing, working in the yard,  praying, etc.
  • Selflessness matters when both spouse will willingly do things for the other because

– the wife know that her husband would do it for her if she asked him to… (Is this a good thing or not? Explain.)

– likewise the husband would do it for his wife if she asked because he know she would do it for him… (Is this a good thing or not? Explain.)

Slide #6 What holds a couple together

(What are your thoughts?)

  • Companionship, a great reward having two being with each other.
  • Lift each other up.
  • Keep each other warm.
  • Stand together in times of troubles.
  • Love of Children.
  • Passionate love for each other.


Marriage Communication (Selflessness)