Marriage Communication (Restoration)

This session is about resolving the issues that got you to where you are and pointing you in the right direction.

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Let’s get started with few notes.


Slide #3 Finding the need to be reestablished

  • A need to be reestablished or reinstated
  • Your personal obligation is to find the altar of God…don’t lean on your spouse

Slide #5 Repairing the Breaches

  • Every breach in a marriage must be closed or it will cause other areas to be exposed.
  • Breaches in a marriage are closed through resolve.
  •   How do you begin to repair the breaches?
    • Communicating your concerns.
    • The goal is to resolve work toward a decision

Slide #9 Depersonalize Your Conflict

  • Use “I” – Statements instead of “YOU” statements.
  •   Stay open to different options, don’t take the “my way or the high way approach to resolving!”
  •   Be open to not doing it your way.

Slide #16 Forgiveness

  • Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes” (Song of Songs 2:15).
  • Not to decide is to decide…you must make a choice to resolve the conflict.


Restoring the marriage relationship will most always take work and a desire to resolve.

Everyone must fight for their marriage!

Marriage Communication (Restoration)