Purpose Statement

We are pleased to have you as a special guest of 360 Family Ministries.

360 Family Ministries provides leadership conferences covering all ministries of the Christian faith and Marriage retreats for pastors, ministers and Christian families.

The Goals:

Provide leadership teaching and mentoring (Train the trainer concept, Assist the trainer concept) to perfect ministries.

Internal to (within) the 360 Family Ministry Organization;
a.   Provide leadership teaching to perfect all ministries.
b.   Provide mentoring (Train the trainier concept, assist the trainier concept) to perfect all ministries.
c.   Address and investigate cultural shifts and dilemmas that are attacking and undermining the family, contrary to God’s intention.

External to the 360 Family Ministry Organization;
a.   Provide periodic marriage retreats with inspirational teaching and coaching.
b.   Provide periodic conferences targeted at today’s Pastors and Ministers.
c.   Provide avenues for introduction for introducing 360 Family Ministries resources to your Church.
d.   Inspire team building within your Church Ministries
e.   Provide a 360 degree view with teaching, valuable tools and resources to aid in single parenting, divorce care, divorce care for children & teens, pre-marriage counseling, and strengthening the blended family.