Healthy Living Part 4 of 4


(: A common day will begin with whey protein & veggie drink w/kiwi and blueberry added. Then breakfast of oatmeal, boiled eggs and turkey bacon, or sausage. Or breakfast sandwich w/egg, cheese, and turkey bacon or sausage on Ezekiel bread. Or omelet with veggie, cheese, toast or oatmeal. (Oatmeal w/cinnamon (no sugar) and sometimes blueberries.)

  1. Snacks before lunch will consist of coffee, walnuts, black garlic and a small portion of fruit (optional, Raisins, dry figs, a piece of persimmon).
  2. Lunch will consist of omelet w/seafood, fish, chicken breast, etc. w/veggie and cactus or onion water (Turkey sandwich occasionally).
  3. Snack after lunch will consist of sweet potato, boiled egg & cucumbers or some other raw veggie (no raw carrots, cooked or used in protein drink).
  4. Dinner may consist of a lots of steamed or stir fry veggies, white meat or seafood. Sometime tacos, pizza, or turkey burger is fine. Tacos are made with beef. A steak occasionally or beef stir fried. Pork occasionally.
  5. Leafy green salads lunch or dinner is great.
  6. Preferred food choice is steamed vegetables and baked or boiled meats.

Meats for good health and protein:

  1. Fish, shrimp, crab. All kinds of sea food and all kinds of fish daily and/or often. Generous
  2. Chicken breast. Chicken sausage. Chicken can be cooked numerous ways besides frying. Generously.
  3. Turkey. Turkey Burgers taste great, bacon, sausage, and breast. The whole bird. Generously.
  4. Lean beef. Steaks-sirloin, prime roast, rib eye (cut away extra fat), T-bone; Lean hamburger and taco meat. Do not eat daily. Beef preferred over pork.
  5. Lean pork, picnic ham, cured, w/ 0g sugar; do not eat daily. If you have high cholesterol avoid pork.
  6. Wild game. All type is good.


  1. Eating late at night and snacks after dinner.
  2. Excessive processed meats; hot dogs, spam, Vienna sausage, bologna, etc. (if you cannot do without hotdogs get turkey franks.)
  3. Fatty meats.
  4. White rice.
  5. White breads.
  6. Fruits is large amounts; grapes, apples, oranges, cranberries, figs, raisins, strawberries, dates, plums,
  7. Refined sugar, excess carb, and foods with lots of starch if you have diabetics. (Check nutrition fact labels.)
  8. Fruit juice, sodas, to include lots of energy drinks. Read labels on energy drinks to include protein liquid drinks.
  9. Refined & enriched flour, corn meal, biscuits, muffins, sweet breads.
  10. Cut back on Jelly it is made with lots of raw sugar. For those who love peanut butter and jelly, buy raisin brand Ezekiel bread and put peanut butter on it, it is just as good.
  11. Do not eat shell fish raw if you have high blood sugar or diabetics.

Note. (See Healthy Living Part 1 thru 4.) Following this high protein, reduce sugar, low carb and low sodium diet eating pattern you will lose weight if you stay with it. You must use innovation, be creative in cooking using the information given. The information provided does not replace any prescriptions, supplements, and activities directed by a physician, medical doctor, health clinic and related professional clinical institutions. It is not intended for the purpose of medical treatment of any type. This information is intended for natural healthy living by consuming natural daily foods and exercise. Following this guide is with the consent of each individual.

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