Healthy Living Part 3 of 4

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Important nutrients taken separately or added to foods daily:

  1. Black garlic. (super herb/homemade)
  2. Fig leaf tea. Or just figs. (super herb)
  3. Bitter Melon. (super herb for diabetics)
  4. Turmeric and curcumin (super food )
  5. Gogi berry water. (home made from dry gogi berries.)
  6. Hot red pepper/hot sauce. (For those who have high blood sugar and/or diabetics.)
  7. Flax seed. (very good source)
  8. Cinnamon.
  9. Dandelion root.
  10. Ginseng. (very good herb)
  11. Apple cider vinegar.
  12. Onions. Consumed daily in or with the majority of foods. (Super herb)
  13. Onion water. (homemade) Made w/onion skin.
  14. Cactus water. (homemade)
  15. Virgin Coconut oil / natural, pure. (super herb)
*Recommend at a minimum that 6 of the 14 be used daily. (Please take the time to research these items.)
  • Raisins, dry figs, dry persimmons, & sweet potatoes seem to defy the sugar logic. Eating small portions of these items does not raise blood sugar much. Sweet potatoes lower blood sugars. However, fruits will have a natural sugar content. So if you have problems with high sugar or diabetics, just be aware of that fact. Sweet potatoes should be eaten daily and/or often. Do not eat raisin, figs and persimmons daily.

__How to make Cactus Water! (Nopal cactus fruit) __Wash cactus fruit. Place 4 to5 fruits in a blender. Blend and strain out seeds. Add to approximately 3 qtrs. of water.

__How to Make Black Garlic! __Buy large quantities of garlic fully clove (the complete bulb). Do not separate the bulb. Place them in a rice cooker. Fill at least ¾ of the cooker. With the cooker plugged in and the lid closed, place the cooker on keep warm. Do not turn off and do not open the lid for 10-15 days. (A pressure cooker 10 days.) (A reg... After 10 or 15 days turn off, remove garlic, let it cool and dry a few days before separating the garlic but do not peel off the outer layer. From the time it is removed from the cooker and ready to eat is approximately 15 to 21 days. Leave on the peeling until you are ready to use it. __How to make Onion Water! __Remove the outer peeling/skin from several onions. (Approximately 4 onions) Place them in a medium to large size pot fill with water. Bring to a boil for 1 to 2 minutes and turn off heat. Let them stay in the pot with the lid closed until cool. 3 to 5 dehydrated slices of bitter melon can be boiled with the onion peels. Dehydrated slices of bitter melon also can be added to your tea with a little maple syrup. Remember it’s bitter. The internet has bitter melon recipes.

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