Healthy Living Part 2 of 4


Foods listed here provide an enormous amount of nutrients for many health benefits. Consumed these foods often and generously. Sweet potatoes (super food). Do not substitute yams for sweet potatoes they are not the same. (Eat a piece of sweet potato daily.) Pumpkin is a good source that can be used in the place of sweet potatoes.

  1. Asparagus
  2. Onion (super food), Black garlic (super herb), natural garlic, dry mushroom, tomatoes & cucumbers
  3. Okra
  4. Green leafy vegetables of all sorts. (Greens, spinach, bok choy, etc. raw is better.)
  5. Kiwi (mixed in protein, green veggie drink w/water.)
  6. Walnuts
  7. Beans of all sorts to include bean sprouts
  8. Berries: Blue berries, a super food. Blackberries, strawberries, and all sorts of berries. (Blueberries are the best, & blackberries are also very good.)
  9. Drink lots of water
  10. Coffee [(optional not necessary) Tea is better. Tea is consumed any time of day

(Ginseng and green tea). Reduce caffeine intake if you drink lots of coffee

  1. Ezekiel bread, original brand or whole grain breads with low sugar/sodium content
  2. Eggs, egg white (boiled and fried): Eggs are far protein and snacks not a source for lowering blood pressure, blood sugar or cholesterol but it is a food that can be consumed anytime

__ADDITIONALLY __a. Bean sprouts, onions, mushrooms, cucumbers and peppers can be cook with any of the vegetables listed. Buy dried mushrooms. Soak them in water overnight or at least one (1) hour. You can place them in a bowl in the refrigerator. b. Buy large quantities of blueberries and store them in your refrigerator freezer. c. Buy foods with low sugar and low carbohydrates. (Read labels for sugar and carbs. Do not worry about calories.) d. Reduce salt, foods with lots of sodium, and starch!!! (STARCH IS NOT GOOD FOR DIABETICS). e. Reduce soft drinks, all drinks with high sugar content for that matter. (Check the labels.) f. Reduce fruit juice. Little by little stop drinking fruit juice all together. g. Soft drinks and fruit juice has a higher sugar content than honey. h. Avoid deep fried foods as much as possible. i. Reduce substantially eating white rice. Very little Brown rice. Barley rice is better. And/or mix brown rice and barley. (Soak in water for hours brown & red rice before cooking, unless you have a pressure rice cooker.) Do not eat rice daily!!! j. Reduce vegetable oils and use virgin olive oil and canola oil. Reduce using other cooking oils, spreads, butter, margarine, etc. k. If you are going to use butter—use natural butter, real butter, not spreads and substitutes. Butter that is made from cows that are grass feed. However, don’t get carried away with BUTTER, it can react different with certain foods, especially with those who have diabetics. l. Pam spray (original, olive, canola) also can be substituted for cooking oil, spreads, butter, margarine, etc. m. Quinoa Pronounced “KEEN-wah” A very good source of fiber and protein. Can be eaten for breakfast or cooked with other foods to include brown rice and other rice.

Note. (See Healthy Living Part 1 thru 4.) Following this high protein, reduce sugar, low carb and low sodium diet eating pattern you will lose weight if you stay with it. You must use innovation, be creative in cooking using the information given. The information provided does not replace any prescriptions, supplements, and activities directed by a physician, medical doctor, health clinic and related professional clinical institutions. It is not intended for the purpose of medical treatment of any type. This information is intended for natural healthy living by consuming natural daily foods and exercise. Following this guide is with the consent of each individual.

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